Cheers to you!

Clink! ~ Cheers to you! - /dev/noise Consulting

Welcome to ‘Clink!’ the Toasting app.

Raise a toast anywhere with the Clink! App.
It’s simple; load the app, select your glass, and bump your phone as if to toast.

Click! will simulate the toast - playing the sound of the glass you selected and giving you a little feedback, just like a regular toast.

Select from several types of glasses; wine, beer, champagne, shot, and more. Each glass has its own distinct sound.

You will also never be at a loss for words when proposing a toast thanks to over 6 dozen toasts, sorted by subjects like; Popular, Friendship, Movies, humorous, Sci-Fi and more.

Sure, there are a bunch of ‘toasting’ apps out there, but they don’t *do* anything other than list a bunch of text! With ‘Clink!’ you can raise a toast anywhere; to friends, to unexpected situations, ironically, or just for fun. And your phone will ring out the toast for all to hear!

Hey it’s free, go ahead and give it a try! If you like it, please let your friends know.

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